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With the technical support of Motivation, Rehab Lanka produced a new hand-powered tricycle. This tricycle was introduced to Sri Lanka under the name “Easy Go Tricycle”. SLFRD obtained a Certificate of Registration on June 8th 2004 for Industrial design which was issued under Section 38 of the Code of Intellectual

Property Act No. 52 of 1979 for the Easy Go Tricycle. This tricycle was designed for outdoor use in the city or village. It is specially designed for conditions in Sri Lanka and easy to use and maintain. It can be made for left or right handed people and uses standard bicycle spare parts. Within a short time it became the most popular vehicle among the disable people in Sri Lanka .and the demand for it was tremendous. Easy Go Tricycle is popular not only among Sri Lankans but also among the disable people in Maldive Islands. There is a big demand from Maldive Island for this Tricycle. These tricycle users can do some income generating activity like selling lottery tickets.