1 . Background

Monaragala district is one of the underdeveloped districts in Sri Lanka, which is located in the Uva Province. The district is 5,000 Sq.Km with a population of 450,000. About 80% of the people are engaged in agriculture. Majority of the families comes under the category of poor. The disabled population is estimated to be about 7% of the population but no survey has been carried out in the recent past. They have little opportunity for gainful employment and self-support. In order to make them productive and useful members of the society and lead normal lives, these persons need to be equipped with skills and appropriate programmes to suit each disability in the area. The main city of Monaragala district is also called Monaragala (the town area) which is about 250 Km from Colombo.

Monaragala district divided in to 11 Divisional Secretariat (DS) Divisions. There is a government administrator in each division called Divisional Secretary. Each DS division further devised in to smaller grass root level divisions called Grama Seva (GS) Divisions. In the districts there are 319 GS divisions. There is a government grass root level officer for each GS division.

SLFRD operate in Monargala District since last 8 years, the need of inclusive education and access to vocational education for youth and adult education is considered as the highest priority for economic integration of people with disabilities.

2. SLFRD ­– Introduction

The Sri Lanka Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the disabled (SLFRD) is an organization of the disabled, started in 1988. All office bearers are persons with disabilities. The aims of SLFRD are to increase the opportunities for training, employment and income available to people with disabilities. Rehab Lanka is a workshop run as an activity of SLFRD. The workshop has metal and wood working sections and a tailoring section. All of the twenty staff at Rehab Lanka are themselves people with disabilities. The production at SLFRD includes products for the use of disabled people such as wheelchairs and crutches as well as a wide range of furniture and equipment made to order.

3. Project Brief

The proposed project consists of following main activities

a. To establish a Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center for persons with disabilities

b. Introduce agricultural practices suitable for persons with disabilities

c. Formation of an organization of persons with disabilities

d. Start income generating Projects for persons with disabilities

4. Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center

It is necessary for a person to earn an income if he is to live independently and without being a burden to the family and the society. To obtain a job or to be self employed one must acquire a skill. The aim of the training center is to equip persons with disabilities with suitable skills to engage in income generating activities. Initially the Vocational Training Center will provide training in agriculture, metal work, welding, carpentry and sewing. Thirty persons will be selected at the beginning and the duration of the course will be one year. Trainees will consist of equal numbers of males and females. Farming is the main occupation of the people living in the district. Therefore priority will be given for persons with disabilities to receive knowledge and skills through training and hands-on experience in agriculture and agro-based industry practices. For this purpose a model farm will be established at the center. It is proposed to start a manufacturing unit similar to Rehab Lanka as an income-generating project during the second year.

5. Formation of an Organization of Persons with Disabilities.

Organization of the Disabled can play a major role in providing welfare facilities to the disabled, changing attitudes etc. Initially a survey of disabled persons will be carried out in the 11 Divisional Secretary Divisions in the Monaragala district. Two persons will be selected from each of the 11 Divisional Secretary Divisions to conduct the survey. A secretariat with sufficient staff will be established at the Vocational Training Center for collecting and sorting the data. A computer will be used to store and analyze the data. After analyzing the data, needs of the disabled persons in the district will be identified and suitable persons will be formed in each of the 11 Divisional Secretary Divisions to implement the programmes. The disabled members in these committees will form the Organization of persons with disabilities in Monaragala. It may become a branch organization of SLFRD. It is planned to complete this activity within two years.

6. Income generating projects for persons with disabilities

Monaragala district has a strong agricultural base and majority of the families are traditionally engaged in farming. Therefore emphasis will be on income generating projects related to agriculture and agro-based industries. Persons with disabilities will be encouraged to start a joint venture with a able family member or a friend which will ensure a better success rate. Establishment of co-operatives for agricultural and agro-industrial production will be encouraged. These co-operatives will be represented by both non-disabled and persons with disabilities so that they will automatically integrate with the mainstream of society. Basic tools and skills will be provided to start income generating projects and their enterprises will be supported by provision of organized production and marketing facilities.

7. The Proposal

This proposal is a request for assistance with the start up costs for the center, costs of the survey, initial costs of forming organizations of persons with disabilities and for two years running costs. By providing the running costs for two years the center will be able to build up a fund to use for continuation of the programme. This fund will then be maintained by the profits made from the income generating projects.

8. Aims and Objectives

The aims of the project are:

1. To establish a Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center for Persons with Disabilities at Monaragala.
2. To conduct a survey of Persons with Disabilities in Monaragala district and to identify their needs.
1. To form an organization of persons with disabilities in Monaragala district.
2. To start an income generating project at the vocational training center.
3. Provide employment to persons with disabilities in Monaragala district.
4. Assist persons with disabilities in Monaragala district to start income generating projects.
5. Create opportunities to integrate persons with disabilities into society as useful citizens.

9. Project Outputs

1. Thirty persons with disabilities per year receive knowledge and skills through training and hands on experience in different vocations.
1. A fully equipped training center for providing training in five vocations.
2. Five trainers trained in teaching vocations suitable for persons with disabilities.
3. A model farm exhibiting farming practices suitable for persons with disabilities.
4. Many opportunities of employment for disabled persons.
5. A strong organization of persons with disabilities.
6. Income generating projects.

10. Official Structure of Monaragala District Project



Download :- Time Frame 2010_DHR & SLFRD Project.pdf