2. Beginning of Rehab Lanka

After the take over of Rehab Lanka by SLFRD, we started producing mobility aids for the disabled people in Sri Lanka. Accordingly a welding section for the young disabled boys and a garment factory for the young disabled girls were started. Today we are one of the proud organizations that manufacture any equipment required by the disabled community in Sri Lanka according to set standards. The specialty is that all these equipment are manufactured by the disabled persons themselves.

Any disabled person could get any suitable disable equipment manufactured to his disability, according to the prescribed standard from Rehab Lanka.

How orders were acquired to Rehab Lanka

As we established ourselves as a production organization, we started obtaining orders to the welding unit and the garment section in 1992.We got registered ourselves as a supplier of goods and services under the ministries, departments and even under the private sector organizations. We submit tenders and quotations and obtain orders from these organizations. Local Non Governmental Organizations as well as International Non Governmental Organizations are giving orders to us.

Handicapped International, Motivation Charitable Trust, Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Services, Ranaviru Sevana, Colombo Friend in Need Society, SHIA Foundation are main buyers of our products.

3. Partnership with Motivation

In 2003 SLFRD enter in to a partnership agreement with Motivation Charitable Trust (U.K.). The aim of this agreement was to provide technical, financial and capacity development trainings. They provide these facilities from March 2003 to December 2005. USAID provided financial facilities for this project.

Motivation gave a new appearance to the Rehab Lanka by refurbishing old building. Through this programme Motivation did their best to upgrade all the facilities, equipments and skills of Rehab Lanka and their staff to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. They introduce new designs and also supporting to upgrade the quality Standards of our products.

This programme   was broken into two projects.

  1. Upgrading the Metal Workshop
  2. Upgrading the Garment Workshop

For upgrading the Metal workshop Motivation assisted to:

  • Purchase and install new tools ,equipment  and Machinery
  • Refurbish the workshop facilities and install new fixtures & fittings
  • Develop & implement a practical and theoretical training progrmme for all workshop staff.
  • Upgrading the existing products of Rehab Lanka and introducing new products.
  • Give managerial input on production management, marketing and sales.

Motivation introduced a new and improved tricycle. Work started with a hand powered tricycle in the 1st year and then move on to a power assisted tricycle.