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Sri Lanka Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled

1. Introduction

Sri Lanka Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled is registered as a voluntary organization under the Ministry of Social Services, and it is herein after called the SLFRD in this project report. SLFRD obtained the certificate of registration for voluntary organizations under section 20 of the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act. No. 28 of 1996.

The SLFRD was started by a group of young disabled persons. The aim of this young group was to develop this organization by providing their services, knowledge and time voluntarily and works for the development of the disabled people in Sri Lanka.

The above organization was started on 27th July 1988 with a membership of 65 disabled persons. All these persons were working either in the public or private sector. We give below the objectives of this organization.

  • To find employment for the disabled young boys and girls.
  • To stand for the rights of the disabled persons
  • To assist and improve the education of disabled boys and girls
  • To improve their talents (skills and sports)
  • To support all disabled persons who try to stand on their own feet

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Main Products

Wheel chairs are one of the main products of Rehab Lanka. Normal wheel chairs are available in two types, Folding wheel chair and Non folding wheel chair. These wheel chairs designed in accordance with the Sri Lanka Wheel Chair Standards Testing Guidelines.

We are also making Dancing wheel chairs, Tennis wheel chairs, Commode Wheel chairs and hospital wheel chairs as requested by the customers.





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Monaragala Project

Monaragala district is one of the underdeveloped districts in Sri Lanka, which is located in the Uva Province. The district is 5,000 Sq.Km with a population of 450,000. About 80% of the people are engaged in agriculture. Majority of the families comes under the category of poor. The disabled population is estimated to be about 7% of the population but no survey has been carried out in the recent past. They have little opportunity for gainful employment and self-support. In order to make them productive and useful members of the society and lead normal lives, these persons need to be equipped with skills and appropriate programmes to suit each disability in the area. The main city of Monaragala district is also called Monaragala (the town area) which is about 250 Km from Colombo.

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Latest Videos

With the technical support of Motivation, Rehab Lanka produced a new hand-powered tricycle. This tricycle was introduced to Sri Lanka under the name “Easy Go Tricycle”. SLFRD obtained a Certificate of Registration on June 8th 2004 for Industrial design which was issued under Section 38 of the Code of Intellectual

Property Act No. 52 of 1979 for the Easy Go Tricycle. This tricycle was designed for outdoor use in the city or village. It is specially designed for conditions in Sri Lanka and easy to use and maintain. It can be made for left or right handed people and uses standard bicycle spare parts. Within a short time it became the most popular vehicle among the disable people in Sri Lanka .and the demand for it was tremendous. Easy Go Tricycle is popular not only among Sri Lankans but also among the disable people in Maldive Islands. There is a big demand from Maldive Island for this Tricycle. These tricycle users can do some income generating activity like selling lottery tickets.